In the WhatsApp group where Deepika wrote ‘Maal Hai Keya’, her own admin came; Many art personalities were associated with the group

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MumbaiA month ago

Deepika Padukone arrived in Mumbai from Goa with Ranveer Singh late Wednesday night after being summoned by the NCB.

  • The WhatsApp group that Deepika Padukone wrote on lines like ‘hash’ (hashish) and ‘maal hai ki’ was created in 2017.
  • According to sources, the group was deleted a few months ago, involving many famous stars and their managers.

Deepika Padukone is being re-published in a drug case. Deepika’s ‘hash’ (hashish) and ‘mal hai ke?’ In the WhatsApp group of 2017 2017. As the line was written, he himself was the administrator of this group. Sources told Bhaskar that besides Deepika, Karisma Prakash of her board of directors and Riya Chakraborty’s director Jaya Sahao were also its administrators. The group was deleted a few months ago. This group included many famous stars and their directors.

The Bureau of Narcotics Control (NCB) has received several group drug chats, on the basis of which the NCB can sue for running a drug syndicate.

This group had 12 members
According to sources, the group had 12 members. Karisma told the investigation that she worked under Jaya Saha. He had many conversations with Deepika. Karisma also met Jaya and Deepika. According to sources, Karisma has confessed to buying medicine for Deepika. Group chats have shown that celebrities used to shop for drugs through their staff or managers.

Karisma has admitted that Deepika has joined the team
Charisma expression questioned by NCB. He has explicitly denied any involvement in the drug. According to sources, Karisma started crying as soon as the interrogation started. When the NCB kept proof of his joining the team, he made a lot of revelations about Deepika.

Karisma said that Deepika forced him to join the team. The conversation between Deepika and Karisma Prakash in the team was made public. Jaya Karisma is said to be senior.

Conversation between Deepika and Karisma

10:04 AM: Deepika writes to Karisma, ‘Do you have anything?’

10:05 AM: Karisma writes, ‘I have, but at home. I am in Bandra.

10:05 AM: In the next chat, Karisma wrote, ‘Can I tell Amit if you want?’ (It is not clear who Amit is.)

10:07 AM: Deepika writes, ‘Yes !! Please .. ‘

10:08 pm: Karisma writes, ‘Amit has. He is bringing it. ‘

10:12 a.m.: Deepika writes, ‘No hash?’ In the next chat, he wrote, ‘Weeds (not cannabis)’.

10:14 pm: Karisma writes, ‘What time are you coming for Coco to come?’ (A bar in Coco Mumbai)

It is a quarter to ten: Deepika writes, ‘Until half past eleven or 12.’

It is a quarter to ten: Deepika further writes, ‘What time will Shail get there?’ (Shell K, it’s not clear)

10:16 am: Karisma writes, ‘I think he said 11:30, because he had to get somewhere else at 12 o’clock at night.’

A lawsuit can be filed under these serious sections

  • Section 8 (c): Purchasing or using any property that intentionally violates this law.
  • Section 20 (b) (ii): If someone is found to own, own, sell, buy or use a small amount of prohibited drugs.
  • Category 29: There is also a provision for punishment if someone is found guilty of conspiracy to commit drug use and murder.
  • Category 22: Punishment is one year imprisonment for small quantities of drugs, 10 years for high doses and 20 years for commercial quantities.
  • Article 27A: Provision for a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of 20 years for promoting or assisting in activities related to prohibited drugs. If the court wants, it can take a fine of more than two lakh rupees.

Through this kind of charisma, the issue of drugs reached Deepika
Karisma Prakash works in a celebrity management company called ‘Kwan’. The company provides talent directors to more than 40 Bollywood celebrities. Riya Chakraborty’s manager Jaya Saha also works for the company. Jaya has been interrogated several times by NCB, CBI and ED teams. During the investigation, NCB came to know about the chat between Jaya and Karisma. After that the matter reached Deepika.

This is how Deepika chats on WhatsApp
An official with the police department told Bhaskar on condition of anonymity that seeing the chat format could be Deepika’s real hangout. The sources below these chats prove that they are not from the mobile phone of the actress or her manager with the help of any software.


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