In the Turkish version of Radha-Krishna’s blur idol ‘Sath Nivana Sathya’, the social media user says – how much will it cost to earn money?

4 days ago

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Controversy has erupted over the Turkish version of the famous TV serial ‘Sath Nivana Sathya’. A clip of the serial is going viral on social media, where the idol of Radha-Krishna seen in the background has been obscured. Seeing this, social media users expressed their dissatisfaction and accused Turkey of Islamizing Hindi serials.

Such comments have come on social media

Sharing the print screen of the serial, a Twitter user named Shweta wrote, “The Hindi serial has been dubbed in Turkish. But they have obscured the image of Radha Krishna. How much do people really read to make money?”

In response to Shweta’s tweet, one user wrote, “I watch a lot of Turkish shows, but the mosque or the Koran doesn’t appear in it … but why with an Indian TV show?”

Another user commented, “Their vermilion, bindi, mangalsutra and body parts should also be blurred because they are not fully covered in black cloth, which is haraam.”

Another user wrote, “Oh my God. What’s left of Indians in the serial after that? They also edited dialogues. Please don’t hurt anyone’s feelings for God’s sake. No need. And for those fools who watch the Turkey show, please take a lesson You can love everyone but you can’t find the most love. “

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes

In Turkey, ‘Sath Nibna Sathya’ is being promoted as ‘Masum’. It has been dubbed in Turkish with the local audience in mind. However, according to the report, the Hindu deities and the insignia displayed in it are also blurred at this time.


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