In the midst of the controversy, director Raghav Lawrence narrated the story behind the title – I wanted to name it ‘Kanchana’

3 days ago

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According to Raghav Lawrence, his Tamil film Kanchana was highly appreciated by transgender people. He went to their home and blessed them.

Director Raghav Lawrence has shared the story behind his name in the ongoing controversy over ‘Lakshmi Bom’ starring Akshay Kumar. According to him, at first he wanted to keep the title of the film as ‘Kanchana’ like the original Tamil version. But later it was replaced by ‘Lakshmi Bomb’.

The title changes so that it appeals to Hindi viewers

In an interview, Raghav Lawrence said, “Our Tamil film was named after the main character ‘Kanchana’. Kanchana means gold, which is a form of Lakshmi. This is what I wanted to keep. One should apply and what could be better than Lakshmi. “

Raghav added, “By the grace of God, this film (Kanchan) was an explosion. That’s why we named it (Hindi remake) ‘Lakshmi Bom’. The place of Lakshmi Bomb is unforgettable. Name appropriate for movie “”

Raghav Lawrence in his interview thanked Akshay Kumar that he took his role for this film.

Raghav Lawrence in his interview thanked Akshay Kumar that he took his role for this film.

Why does the story emphasize the heterosexual community?

In the interview, Raghav further explained why he chose a story that emphasizes the hijra community. She said, “I run a trust and some transgender people came to my aid for help. When I heard her story, I wanted to tell her story to everyone through Lakshmi’s character in my story. Later the audience would understand what I was saying.

What is the controversy over the film?

In ‘Lakshmi Bom’, Akshay Kumar played the role of Asif, who married a Hindu girl Priya (Kiara Advani). Following this release, the film is accused of promoting love-jihad. It is also alleged that Devi Lakshmi was insulted in the name of the film.

On social media, a series of campaigns are being run against the film and people are being asked to buy it. The film will be released on November 9 on the OTT platform Disney Plus Hot Star.


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