In Bigg Boss 14, families will clash with each other, watching the latest promotions you will also say that it will be fun now

Family members are going to face each other in the activities.

Bigg Boss 14: Jasmine Vasin (Rubina Dilaik) in Nicky Tamboli, where the fight for work continues. At the same time, homeowners are going to face each other in any task they are given for their belongings.

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  • Latest version:October 15, 2020, 3:30 pm IST

Mumbai In Big Boss you still saw that the contestants would cross any threshold during the task to win it, which this time was seen missing in Big Boss 14, but today (October 15) the upcoming episode is going to be even more exciting. During the task the contestants are showing the spirit of being the winner and are also ready to face each other. Even today, in the house of the Big Boss, there are going to be fights and squabbles during the task. Nikki Tamboli among Jasmine Vasin (Rubina Dilaik), where the work fight is going on. At the same time, homeowners are going to have to face each other in any activity that gives them their belongings.

The channel shared the promotion of the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 14 on social media today. In the first of the first videos that the channel has shared, Nicky Tumboli and Rubina Dilak are seen having a verbal fight over household chores. In the video, Rubina says that there is a difference between being sure and being senior. Nikki says about the difference, why are you doing Nikki-Nikki-Nikki? Nikki walks out of the hall and talks to the camera in the bathroom area and says she won’t do anything, people are also comparing themselves to me.

At the same time, Big Boss people have to fight to get personal belongings. Big Boss has given a job that can reduce the hassle, but the work is with the tweet. The task is to collect the ball in the basket given to the two freshers after falling from the pipe. When the buzzer rings, the kite that has more balls will be the winner of this match.

In this promo of the show everyone is seen putting pressure on each other. Holy, Rubina and Jasmine have been seen clashing with each other. At the same time Ijaz-Rahul and Shahzad-Nishant are seen fighting among themselves.


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