In an interview, Priyanka Chopra believes in facetime sex

Priyanka Chopra is in the headlines for one reason or another. He recently came to India on the occasion of his brother’s engagement. At this time, her husband Nick Jonas was also seen together. But now Priyanka has made a big deal to reveal her sex life.

Priyanka believes in facetime sex

Recently Priyanka Chopra arrived on the Watch Whatdat live show. This time, the host interrogated Priyanka and asked if you were traveling incessantly. The husband stayed away from Nick for several days. During this time, how do you maintain distance relationships. In response to this question, Priyanka said, ‘Yes, I believe in sex chat and facetime sex.’

The pregnancy picture went viral

Priyanka is not the first to share her personal life at any event. He has done this many times before. In the past, a picture of Priyanka’s pregnancy also went very viral on social media. That photo was taken at New York Fashion Week.


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