In a failed attempt to make a rom-com film in the style of Prem Ranjan and Imtiaz Ali, Yami Gautam’s character is very confused.

Amit Karna, Mumbai12 days ago

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Duration: Two hours five minutes

Nakshatra: Two and a half stars

Where to watch: Netflix

The names of Love Ranjan and Imtiaz Ali are clearly mentioned among those who give romantic stories of their mood during this period. Both do not care about their treatment. Love Ranjan is going through loud rum-coms from the perspective of young women. There is a confusion about the relationship between Imtiaz Ali’s character. However, Puneet Khanna, the director of ‘Jinny Wades Sunny’, has failed to follow the love story of the two producers.

The film has started streaming on OTT platform Netflix, starring Vikram Aunty and Yami Gautam. The film seeks to create humor through the well-known craze about marriage among Punjabi families in the Delhi NCR. Sometimes he laughs but many times he gets annoyed. The protagonist is Satnam Sethi alias Sunni (Bikrant Mass) who is desperate to get married because his father (Rajiv Gupta) will give him a shop on the same terms.

In this circle, he makes a relationship deal with many, but the failure is out of hand. The heroine Ginny (Yami Gautam) is a very confused soul. It has been a year and a half since Nishant (Suhel Nair) broke up, but he is not able to move forward. Her mother Shobha Juneja (Ayesha Raja) is a match maker, but cannot marry her daughter.

Sony really wants Ginny a lot, but she gets no idea. The film is about who gets married and how they get married.

The craze of the families of heroes and heroines is quite minor. Which has been tried in many films of this genre before. Especially in films made under the banner of Luv Ranjan. Confusion about the present, past and future of the Sovereign is a faded version of Imtiaz Ali’s stories.

Not only Imtiaz Ali, Joydeep Sahni has also shown such a young man in his films. There is a scene in ‘Pure Desi Romance’ where Ishi Kapoor told Sushant Singh Rajput, ‘Today’s youth is running away from the situation. First run after each other. Then they have to leave each other. Everyone will continue to see if they will ever exist. ‘

Here is the problem of Ginny and Nishantha, which turns the film around. Sunny is behaving like Sunny Singh of Typical Love Ranjan, he is innocent. He does not understand how to treat girls. In other words, there is less novelty in the film.

It is believed that Vikrant Aunty, Yami Gautam, Rajiv Gupta, Ayesha Raja and Suhail Nair with their actors have gone beyond this film. Songs and music have also strongly supported it. The dialogues are written by ‘wife’ Sumit Aurora and ‘Joy Mummy Di’ famous Navjot Gulati. They also cover a bit of poor writing and direction.

There is also confusion in some dialogues. At the beginning of the film, when a young woman says to Sunny, “If you want a guaranteed return, invest in a mutual fund, don’t be in a relationship.” However, the reality is that mutual funds themselves are involved in market risk.


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