Imran said this about Bollywood, there is a continuous discussion

Emran Hashmi’s latest film ‘Ken Chit India’ did not do well at the box office. This film was Imran’s first home production film. However, Imran’s work in this film was certainly praised. But Imran has said something about Bollywood that is still under discussion these days.

The whole Bollywood is full of fools

Emran Hashmi is often seen in silence. They are rarely outspoken. But recently he has said something that is being discussed regularly. Imran said, ‘There are few producers in Bollywood who are not afraid to be different. In such a situation, it is becoming difficult for the actors to be intelligent. There are at least some people who are trying to do something new out of the box, as there was before. It is difficult to be an intelligent actor in Bollywood. Here, foolishness can be sustained for a long time.

The risks are not the producer-director

Imran added that ‘although the audience understands, producers and directors are not the ones who take risks or understand. But now at least the younger generation is coming up with a new topic.


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