Imran quits acting: Aamir Khan’s nephew bids farewell to acting world, he was seen in ‘Katti-Batti’ 5 years ago

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3 minutes ago

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Aamir Khan’s nephew and actor Imran Khan has bid farewell to the world of acting. Actor Akshay Oberoi, a friend of Imran Khan, has revealed this.

Talking to Navbharat Times, Akshay said, ‘My best friend in Bollywood, Imran Khan, is no longer an actor as he has left acting. Imran is a close friend with whom I can call and talk at four in the afternoon. Imran and I have known each other for 18 years. We learned acting together in teen acting school

‘Now Imran has quit acting. As far as I know, they have better directors and writers. I don’t know when he will direct this film himself. I don’t want to put any pressure on him, but being a friend I think he will direct the film soon. I know the day he will direct a film, will be great because he has a good idea about the movie.

Imran made his debut in 2006 with ‘Jan Tu Ya Jaan Na Na’. His last released film is ‘Katti-Batti’. Imran was in the news recently due to the news of separation from his wife Avantika Malik. In her post, Avantika talks about marriage and divorce and many other things in life. He writes, Marriage is hard, divorce is hard, you have chosen your hard path. Obesity is tough. It’s hard to stay fit. You choose your difficult path.

With n is difficult to maintain. Staying financially strong is tough. You choose your difficult path. It’s hard to keep in touch. It is difficult not to communicate. You choose your difficult path. Life is never easy it is always difficult. But we have to choose the hard way. Choose wisely.

Left home in 2019

There have been reports of tension over the last two years over Imran-Avantika’s marriage. On May 24, 2019, Avantika left Imran’s house and went for a separate trip. He is at his parents’ house with his daughter Imara. The family of the two tried to reconcile between Imran and Avantika but the matter did not work out.


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