Imran Khan’s wife Avantika pointed to the deteriorating relationship? Said in the post- I am recovering …

Imran Khan (Photo Credit – ImranKhan / Instagram)

Actor Imran Khan’s wife Avantika made the post on social media a great headline. In this post, he shares his experience about ‘recovery’.

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Mumbai The news of Bollywood actor Imran Khan and his wife Avantika’s relationship came a long time ago. In the midst of this report Avantika was seen sharing hidden messages on her social media account. He has come under intense discussion recently due to some such posts. People are watching this post on social media linking it to personal life. However, neither Imran nor Avantika has spoken in public yet. At the same time, amidst speculations about the relationship between Imran and Avantika, Avantika’s post has come up for discussion again.

In fact, Avantika recently shared a post of the story on her Instagram account. In this post, Avantika writes- ‘I am recovering. Healing is possible only through the feeling of eating and drinking instead of drowning in smoking and alcohol and moving away from the situation instead of falling asleep and getting upset. See the post shared by Avantika here

Avantika did this post

Let me tell you that a previous post about Avantika’s marriage and divorce also came up with a great headline. In that post, he wrote- ‘It is difficult to get married. Divorce is difficult. Obesity is hard. It’s hard to stay fit. It is difficult to stay in debt. It is also difficult to be financially disciplined. Difficult to communicate. Not difficult to do. Life is never easy it is always difficult. But we can decide that we have to choose a difficult life. In June last year, media reports said that Avantika had left Imran Khan’s house a month ago and moved to her mother’s place. Since then, Avantika has been separated from her husband. In April 2019, Avantika wrote a post on social media pointing out the differences in their relationship. They both have a daughter, she is with Avantika. Imran Khan married his girlfriend Avantika in 2011.


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