Ijaz washed under the clothes of Niki Tamboli! Gauhar Khan-Kamia Punjabi erupted, tweeting outrage

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A video of Aijaz Khan is going viral on social media. In which such a scene was seen, then many nominees including Gauhar Khan and Kamya Punjabi have expressed their dissatisfaction.

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  • Latest version:November 3, 2020, 1:50 pm IST

MUMBAI: In ‘Bigg Boss 14’, Aiza Khan is seen as the captain nowadays and there was quite a quarrel between him and Kavita Kaushik recently. After Ijaz became the captain I saw a tutu of him and Kavita Kaushik. That is why the poem was told to Tevar instead of Ijaz. Since Ijaz became the captain, he has not missed any opportunity to give orders to the family, which Kavita Kaushik did not like at all and he made harsh words to Ijaz. But even then he had to face criticism.

However, now a video of Ejaz Khan is going viral on social media. In which such a scene has been seen, many nominees including Gauhar Khan and Kamya Punjabi, who came to the show recently as senior contestants, have expressed their dissatisfaction. In fact, the last episode saw Ejaz Khan washing clothes with Nikki Tamboli. These costumes include her underwear. Not only that, in the midst of all this, Ijaz has also been seen shaking hands with Nikki.

Although all the householders were shocked by Ijaz’s behavior, Holy Punia also appeared to be wrong about Ijaz Khan’s decision. Not only that, fans also did not like this method of treatment and now people are listening to them on social media. TV actress Kamya Punjabi has also expressed her dissatisfaction with Ejaz Khan’s behavior through social media. The actress wrote – ‘Captain washed his underwear from a girl? Did I hear right? I was very surprised to find out.

In another tweet, Kamya wrote – ‘Your anger was perfectly right for Kavita Kaushik. This man has gone crazy after getting power. I understand why you now refuse to accept it as a friend. At the same time Gauhar wrote – ‘Captain is only a captain. Not a dictator.


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