If no action is taken against Anurag Kashyap, Payal Ghosh will go on a hunger strike. On Tuesday, he will also visit Governor Bhagat Singh Koshia.

24 days ago

Pawel Ghosh had recently filed a complaint against Anurag Kashyap alleging sexual harassment. Payal is on hunger strike now. Payal arrived at the Versova police station a day earlier and made the decision after police took action against Anurag. Not only that, he will also meet the Governor of Maharashtra on Tuesday, September 29.

Payal questioned the police

Payal reached the police station and asked for the status of his company. At the same time, he told the media that it had been an FIR for a week. The police called me for questioning, but Anurag has not yet been arrested. He did not make any investigation. Payal said the police are not arresting him because of the influence of affection, how many people are getting such benefits.

The matter has been kept in the press conference

On Monday, Payal met Union Minister Ramdas Atwal. At this time both of them held a press conference. Payal said he would meet Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshiar on Tuesday. If the police do not take any action against Anurag Kashyap at this time, they will also discuss.


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