Idddhi’s relationship is about to end, but who is Rakesh Bapat seeing?

Rakesh Bapat has made headlines recently for breaking up with Iddhi Dogra. Rakesh will soon end his seven-year marriage and will officially separate but in the meantime another news related to them is coming out.

Rakesh Bapat came to the discussion again

Rakesh Bapat first made headlines because of his wife iddhi and now he is in the discussion again. In fact, Rakesh Bapat shared a picture with Shilpa Shinde on social media. In this film, both of them are seen reading the script. This image is going viral on social media. Rakesh and Shilpa have joined hands in a Marathi film. In an interview to Shilpa India Forum, she said that it is a much awaited Marathi film that has been stalled for a long time. Okay it has finally started and it is a suitable comedy film. The shooting of this film is going to start in March this year.

Rakesh has been seen in many serials

Please tell, Rakesh Bapat has appeared in many TV serials. Includes serials like Saat Fere, Merida, Hoga Juda Na Hum and Kabul Hai.


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