Idd Dhima returns to Delhi: His daughter Hi Dhima, who returned to her father-in-law’s house months after her daughter Shi Kapoor’s death, could not even see her father’s last look.

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After the death of Ishi Kapoor, his daughter and entrepreneur Madhima Sasural (Delhi), who has been living in Mumbai for the last 6 months, has returned. On Thursday, he shared a picture of Mumbai Airport on his Instagram story. In one of the pictures he sees the Mumbai airport which is completely empty. In another photo, he is seen with his mother Neetu Singh. With whom he wrote Love and shared Emoji of Red Color Heart.

Promised to return from Mumbai

One Dhima has promised to return from Mumbai in one of her pictures. “I will be back to Mumbai soon,” he wrote. There is also a quote in the same picture that reads, “You never leave anyone behind. Keep some of them with you and some of you.”

Didn’t see the end of the father

30 April 68 Shi Kapoor dies at the age of 68. Due to the nationwide lockdown due to the Karna epidemic, iddhima could not pay her last respects to her father. Through a video call, Alia Bhatt invited him to his funeral. He then reached Mumbai by road with the permission of the Home Ministry and attended his father’s prayer meeting. Since then he has been living in Mumbai continuously.


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