I returned the lease and only got back possession of it, misreporting the repurchase, I already have it.

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Saif Ali Khan’s Pataudi Palace is in the news again. An old interview with Saif went viral recently, stating that Saif did not inherit the palace from Pataudi, but had to pay a hefty sum to get the palace for Rs 80 crore. Saif has now given his clarity in a viral interview.

‘I already had Pataudi Palace’

Speaking to Mumbai, the Mirror said, ‘Rs 800 crore. The price point is a bit high and it is given distorted because this property is priceless to me. My grandparents’ grave is there. This place is extremely valuable to me and I feel deeply connected there. I have a spiritual connection to that place.

The Pataudi Palace was rented by my father Francis and Aman, who run a hotel in the palace. He takes great care of the property and he is like our family members. Francis is now dead. This property was rented near Nimrana Hotel Ab was dying again I wanted to take it again. When I got the chance, I leased the rest and withdrew the possession of my palace. It was a fair financial arrangement and contrary to the report, I didn’t have to buy it because I already had it.

The Pataudi Palace was built 85 years ago

Located at Pataudi, 2 km from Gurgaon, Haryana, this palace is a symbol of the Pataudi family. Although the history of this family is more than 200 years old, this palace has been built for about 85 years. Pataudi Palace was built in 1935 by Iftikhar Ali Hussain Siddiqui, the 8th Nawab and former captain of the Indian team.

Later, his son and ninth Nawab Mansur Ali alias Nawab Pataudi, with the help of foreign architects, changed its design. After the death of the Nawab, his daughter-in-law and Saif Ali Khan’s wife Kareena is taking charge.

Many photos have been shot

A number of Bollywood films have been shot at Pataudi Palace, including Mangal Pandey, Bir-Zara, Rang De Basanti, Prem. It has 150 rooms and is spread over 10 acres.


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