I don’t regret calling them ‘rudali’, but I am ready to apologize if they feel bad

A month ago

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Urmila Matandkar used the word Rudali for Kangana Ranaut in an interview.

  • Urmila used the word Rudali for Kangana Ranaut in an interview.
  • Kangana objected to Urmila being called a soft porn star

Urmila Matondkar has said that she has no regrets about calling Kangana Ranaut Rudali. But if Kangana thinks it’s bad, they are ready to apologize. Mrmila said in an interview, “I told Kangana about Rudali (playing the victim card) in a special context. But if Kangana thinks this is offensive in any way, I can apologize. I am not older than I am.

I do not regret my words: Urmila

Urmila added, “I have no regrets about the words I used. I don’t understand why someone always plays the victim card. Where did you get everything from when you had such a long and great career in the industry?” Did you include it in your program, where you’re talking to people who aren’t with you? “

Kangana objected to the word ‘Rudali’

On Thursday, Kangana Ranaut called Urmila Matondkar a soft porn star in her tweet. But when Bollywood celebrities and social media users opposed the comment, they reacted strongly.

Kangana wrote in her tweet, “Where did your feminism go when Urmila called me a rudali and a whore? Your fake feminism is a disgrace to the female nation. Did you know that man has not only a physical body? We have a sensitive body, a mental body and a mental body.” There is just not just inter-course rape.

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