Husband RJ Anmal said about the interesting thing related to Amrita Rao’s pregnancy, ‘The good news was found during Amrita’s regular blood test’

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  • Husband RJ Anmal shared an interesting story related to Amrita Rao’s pregnancy, saying, “The good news was found during Amrita’s regular blood tests.”

Kiran Jain16 minutes ago

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The house of RK Anmal and actress Amrita Rao will be buzzing soon. In a recent interview with Daily Bhaskar, Anmal revealed a very interesting thing about Amrita Rao’s pregnancy, revealing how she got this ‘good news’ during a general medical check-up.
As soon as the report came, we received the ‘good news’:
“I still had a lot of confusion about my blood type and to overcome this confusion I decided to have my blood tested. I still remember the day I checked my blood type. I called the doctor at my house,” said Anmal. I immediately did a blood checkup on Amrita which was a very normal routine. Just what, we got the ‘good news’ as soon as the report came (laughs). A week after receiving the good news, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a lockdown. We both had the opportunity to spend time with each other. “
Amrita and I both love kids:
He added, “Both Amrita and I love babies. Honestly, I think I am a child myself, managed by Amrita and my family (laughs). We all welcome new guests to the house.” Looking forward to doing it, whether it is a boy or a girl, what we want from the heart is to have what is healthy and wholesome. “
Hosting Anmal 3 Jamming:
Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ….. Jay Anmal is hosting season 3 of the reality show ‘Jamming’. Anmal says about this, “These are very different from other reality shows. In this show you will sit with your friends, talk a lot and enjoy this music filled crowd. In this show many Bollywood ex Bappi Lahiri or Udit Narayan are back. The biggest for me Receipt Asha Bhonsle praised my show. I want to bring her to my show. “


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