Husband Abhinav Kohli made a live video from outside Shweta Tiwari’s house, but no response was received

New Delhi: Shweta Tiwari And Abhinav is not taking the name of ending the dispute between Kohli. The actor has been seen making serious allegations against Shweta one after another. A few months ago, his second husband Abhinav Kohli complained that his wife Shweta had separated him from her son.

Abhinav Kohli’s live video
Abhinav Kohli has gone out of Shweta’s house and made a live video on Instagram, which is now going viral on social media. In this viral video, Abhinav is standing outside Shweta’s house, constantly giving voice to her son and ringing the house bell, but there was no response from inside the house. Fans are giving their opinion in this video of the actor.

Shweta made serious allegations against her husband
Let us know, Shweta’s close friend Anuradha Sarin has accused actress Kohli through a comment on social media that he asked obscene questions to his Shweta’s daughter Palak Tiwari. Abhinav Kolhi recently complained that Shweta Tiwari is not allowing her to meet her son Ryan. Not only that, Shweta took Abhinav out of the house and called the police. There were also allegations of acting that Shweta was playing with her feelings.

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