However, he gave reasons for not getting married, saying – I am unmarried because of Ajay Devgan, even if a boy spoke, he would beat him

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  • The reason for not getting married, however, was that I was alone because of Ajay Devgan, even if a boy spoke, I would beat him.

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The Bollywood actress is still 49 years old. Speaking of Tabu’s personal life, he has not yet got married. He shared the reason a few years ago. According to him, he is still unmarried because of Ajay Devgan. Speaking to a publication, however, he further said that he hopes that what Ajay did, he will also be sorry.

What did Ajay do?

“Ajay and I have known each other for 25 years,” he said. He lived as a neighbor and close friend of my cousin Sameer Arya. When I was younger, Samir and Ajay used to keep a close eye on me and beat up any boy they saw talking to me. Both of them were very big thugs. If I am a signal today, it is only because of Ajay Devgan ‘.

Now he says to Ajay- find a boy for me

According to reports, Ajay wants to see his special friend at the wedding. Still, he joked, ‘I tell Ajay every day to find a suitable boy for me. Well, that’s a joke. My relationship with Ajay is quite good. Of all the male actors, if anyone cares more about me, they are invincible. They are like a baby and are still very defensive today.

Has acted in 5 movies

Ajay and Tabu have worked together in ‘Vijaypath’ (1994), ‘Hakikat’ (1995), ‘Takshak’ (1999) and ‘Drishtim’ (2015), ‘Golmaal Again’ (2017). Taboo recently appeared on Netflix in a suitable boy. At the same time, Ajay’s previous film was Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior which was released in 2019.


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