Horror-comedian Akshay Kumar Kiara then became involved with ghosts in the process of captivating his family.

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  • The trailer of the movie Lakshmi Boma starring Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani will be released today at 12.30 p.m. Kiara write job shell shrimp lagihi not bomb kois futega? Laughing, Daroge Ap’s own house is good, who will see all the bad bangs tomorrow!

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Akshay has been seen in his cool comedy style in the trailer of the upcoming horror-comedy film ‘Lakshmi Boma’ starring Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani which was released at 12:30 pm on Friday. People can watch this trailer of 3 minutes and 40 seconds and remember his film ‘Bhul Bholaiya’ as well as Prince Rao’s film ‘Stri’. The film will be released on the OTT platform Disney Plus Hotstar in November.

Sharing the trailer, Akshay Kumar wrote, ‘Wherever you are, stop and get ready to watch the trailer of #LakshmiBomb, because Lakshmi is coming in the rain. # This Diwali Lakshmi Bomb Wali. His first dialogue was, ‘The day the ghost really came in front of me, no .. So, I swear, I’ll really go after the bangle’.

Akshay’s character in the film will be named Asif, he stays at his house to impress Kiara Advani’s parents, but he has a strange incident in front of him. After that, she started behaving like a woman.

This film is a Hindi remake of a Tamil film

Apart from Akshay and Kiara, actors like Tusshar Kapoor, Sharad Kelkar and Ashwini Kalsekar will be seen in the lead roles in this film. The film is directed by Raghav Lawrence and is a Hindi remake of the Tamil film Kanchan. ’20 Lakshmi Boma ‘was released on 22 May 2020. But due to the lockdown caused by the Corona epidemic, its release was postponed and now it will be released on November 9th.

Many celebrities including Divya, Tapsi, Varun liked the trailer

The trailer of ‘Lakshmi Bom’ was also highly praised by many Bollywood stars and she praised it in her response to her social media wall. At this time, celebrities like Tapsi Pannu, Divya Dutt, Varun Dhawan and Manish Paul have congratulated Akshay.

Teasers were published in the past

Earlier, a teaser of the film was released on September 1. In it, Akshay Kumar appeared in a sari and a voice was heard in the background saying, ‘Today your name will be Lakshmi, not Lakshman’.

Speaking about this, Akshay wrote, ‘This Diwali your house will also come with’ Lakshmi ‘and a’ bomb ‘. The #Laxmi bomb is coming on November 9th, only on Disney Plus Hotstar VIP. Get ready for the insane journey, because it is written on the screen in the teaser of ‘# Your Diwali Lakshmi Bom Wall’, when the person expelled from the society becomes very violent.

Shared the first look on Navratri last year

Sharing his first look from the film on October 3 last year during Navratri, Akshay wrote, ‘Navratri is about bowing to the pregnant goddess and celebrating her boundless power. On this auspicious occasion I am sharing my look with you as Lakshmi. A role that has both excitement and nervousness in me … but life begins where our comfort zone ends. “


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