Honey Singh blasts with new song ‘First Kiss’, video views surpass billions after 24 hours

In this song by Hani Singh, Ipsita is seen with him in the lead role (Video Grab YouTube)

Hani Singh’s new song ‘First Kiss’ has been released, where he is seen in the lead role with Ipsita.

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  • Latest version:November 25, 2020, 1:34 am IST

New Delhi. Famous rappers Hani Singh Everyone is eagerly waiting for the new song. Everyone is crazy about his rap. Hani Singh’s new song ‘First Kiss’ has been released on Tuesday, in which Ipsita will be seen in the lead role. In this song Hani Singh is seen again in his old style.

More than 100 million views
The T-series song is getting a lot of likes on social media. The video for the song, released 24 hours ago, has been viewed more than a million times so far. So far more than 1 million people have liked this video on YouTube and more than one lakh comments have also come in this video. After reading the comments, it seems that Hani Singh has touched the heart of his loved one again.

Let me inform you, this song was written by Hani Singh in collaboration with Lil Galli, Homi Dilliwala, Singhastar, where Ipsita seems to be collapsing in style. Earlier, the song ‘Kere Karda’ from Hani Singh’s film ‘Cholong’ went viral on social media, where Nusrat Bhurucha was spotted with Prince Rao.


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