Hindi Medium 2: Kareena Kapoor Khan has left Irrfan Khan’s film ‘Hindi Medium 2’ due to low pay.

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan is currently busy shooting for her upcoming film ‘Good News’. According to recent reports, the actress will be seen in the movie ‘Hindi Medium 2’ with Irrfan Khan. But now Kareena has chosen this picture. Where now the reason has been revealed.

According to reports, Kareena has denied the film for a low fee. After listening to the script of this film, Kareena said yes to doing this film. However, when it came to Kareena’s fees, the actress wanted Rs 8 crore but the producers of the film felt that it was too much. The producers of the film asked Kareena to pay Rs 5 crore but the actress did not agree. In such a situation Kareena is now out of this film. Where the producers are now looking for an actress for the film.

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In the first part of Hindi Medium, Irrfan Khan was met by the beautiful Pakistani actress Saba Khan. After which you now have to see who can be seen in this picture.


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