Himangshi Khurana was angry when he saw Kangana’s tweet on the farmers’ movement, saying- if you give the wrong angle …

Himanshi Khurana, Kangana Ranaut.

With a tweet from Kangana Ranaut, Bigg Boss 13 contestant and Punjabi movie actress Himanshi Khurana has targeted her. Himanshi Khurana expressed dissatisfaction after seeing Kangana Ranaut’s tweet.

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Mumbai Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut recently spoke on social media in protest of the farmers. Where Kangana said that everyone is busy making their own bread in the name of the farmer. Earlier, Kangana also tweeted about 90-year-old Bilkis Banu, who was involved in the performance of Shaheen Bagh in Delhi, which caused her to be quite a troll and now she has tweeted, Bigg Boss 13 contestant. And he has been targeted by Punjabi film actress Himanshi Khurana.

In fact, Kangana wrote in her tweet – ‘Shameful … everyone is busy making bread in the name of the farmer’. Hopefully, the government will not allow any anti-national element to take advantage of this and will not allow the Tukrawal party to become another Shaheen tiger. Himanshi Khurana Kangana has expressed her dissatisfaction in this tweet.

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In response to Kangana Ranaut’s tweet, Himanshi Khurana shared a post on her Instagram story. In it he writes – ‘Oh … so now he’s the new spokesperson. If someone gives the wrong angle, someone will learn from them. So before these people do anything tomorrow, before this region spreads among the people, why the riots will happen … Both Smart and Punjabi were not happy with the first government not now. If our Chief Minister had come for something, he would not have walked the streets by himself in winter.Kangana Ranaut

Let me tell you, Kangana retweeted a tweet earlier. In it, he tweeted about an elderly woman attending a teenage protest being known as Dadi Bilkis Bano, who was involved with Shahinbagh. However, Kangana deleted it after she was trolled in her tweet. Because the tweet that Kangana retweeted was fake.


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