“Here you will be seen as an actor, not as a star,” Mirzapur 2 actress Rosika Duggal told the OTT Platform Awards.

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Actress Rosika Duggal, who was seen in a lootcase with Kunal Khemu of Mirzapur, has been in discussions with her character for some time. The actress will soon be seen playing a tough character in Mirzapur 2. His last two pictures have been published on the OTT platform, so in an exclusive interview with Daily Bhaskar, he described the OTT platform as a boon for all the stars.

How has the OTT platform helped you advance your career?

I think the OTT platform has promoted not only my career but also the careers of many artists around me. This platform is a boon for all actors because the competition here is not for numbers, but for content. Here you are not seen as an actor or a star. Everyone gets the right way to showcase their art.

Viewers want new content

The OTT platform has also proven that our people, our viewers have long wanted to see new content and new ways of filming. Want to see how the content is tested Want made a number of standalone films whose content was very good but they were not able to reach the audience as they did not get the opportunity to release on a large scale at the right time.

I did a picture with Irrfan Khan in 2015, it’s a beautiful story but I didn’t get that kind of publicity. Also, I had another film called ‘Tu Hai Mera Rabibar’, the people who saw this film always gave me a message but the distribution of this film was very bad. This film was not released by any production house. Gaya was a rather independent release.

The OTT platform gives new actors and directors a chance

A single screen was found in a theater in Ghatkopar on Monday afternoon. Now how can I expect people to see or know it. Today, due to the streaming platform, this problem has been removed and movies with good content have also reached people. Today many new actors and directors are getting opportunities through these new platforms, new technologists are coming. I think this is a very positive change for everyone.

Will there be innovation in Mirzapur 2 this time?

The Mirzapur web series has always been very special to me. I am very excited for season 2. This season you will see a different incarnation of Mera Binar, which will be quite different than the previous season. If I say anything about it, I will open the privacy of the series somewhere.

We did a photoshoot for the promotion a few days ago but when the photos were released it was seen that people would find out about this series even if we posted them. That is why we are currently trying to keep everything secret. But I will say the same thing about my character that this time Bina will be seen in a new style and will settle all the accounts.


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