Heavy Film Review Year on Tuesday: Dhamal Manoj Vajpayee will see multiple incarnations from the full

Rating: 3.5 / 5 rating
Director: Abhishek Sharma
Artist: Manoj Vajpayee, Diljit Dosandh, Fatima Sana Sheikh, Supriya Pilgaonkar, Manoj Pahawa, Anu Kapoor

Suraj Mars heavy story is a marriage detective, which plays a very important role in the relationship of the bride and groom. The bride’s family is given the certificate of the groom’s character with the proof of accepting various forms. Manoj Vajpayee is the main narrator of the story. The story of the film shows the unique combination of Punjab and Maharashtra. Manoj Vajpayee, how he played the role of a wedding detective, broke up the marriage of Diljit Dosain and then the process of breakup with Fatema Sana Sheikh started with Diljit’s quarrel. There is a happy ending at the end. The whole film is very nicely threaded. The comedy-drama film has been kept entertaining from beginning to end. The film takes us back to the 1995 era of nostalgia.

All the actors have played great roles. The loneliness of the so-called Daljit Dosandha for Manjit Vajpayee in the screenplay and dialogue makes people applaud. The dialogue panch with Marathi Punjabi tampering in the film is quite acclaimed. Manoj Vajpayee has never been seen in such a form before. The way Manoj is doing Marathi language is very beautiful. Manoj is seen dressed as a traditional Marathi woman. Their various forms attract the audience and keep them bound till the end.

Diljit Dosandh’s comedy timing and his punch is fierce, people think it’s quite entertaining. The scene between him and Manoj Vajpayee also captivated the audience a lot. He has a mental scene with Fatima. It also looks pretty good. Diljit did all the work of making people smile in the film. From the first scene to the last, Diljit keeps the audience laughing.

Fatema is a very good actress and two different forms of her character have appeared in front of the audience in the film. He sees both forms too. Looks very beautiful in Maharashtrian costumes. Anu Kapoor and Supriya Pilgaonkar are also seen in the film. The music in the photo is fine. Apart from Papi Number song, Punjabi soft song is also very good. Laboni’s glimpse is quite evident in some of the songs and background music.

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