HBD Shahrukh Khan: When Shahrukh Khan arrived in jail out of anger, he revealed the incident himself

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Shah Rukh Khan revealed the whole incident on the chat show of American host David Letterman aired on Netflix. In which he stated that in anger he at once lost his temper.

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Mumbai Bollywood’s King Shah Rukh Khan is celebrating his 55th birthday today. Shah Rukh Khan has been in the industry for over 28 years (Shahrukh Khan’s birthday). He started his career with the film ‘Diwana’. He was accompanied by Ishi Kapoor and Divya Bharati. Shah Rukh is known for his brilliant acting as well as his good work with the media. But long ago something happened that made Shah Rukh Khan very angry with an editor. He also had to go to jail because of this anger.

This whole incident was revealed by Shah Rukh Khan himself. Shah Rukh Khan revealed the whole incident on the chat show of American host David Letterman aired on Netflix. In it, he said he lost his temper at once, which led to him going to jail. In addition to this revelation, he also said many amazing things related to his old days.

According to the report, the first schedule will be for two months which will be based entirely on Shah Rukh Khan, the shooting of his next film with other actors will start next year.  Actress Deepika Padukone and actor John Abraham are set to join the shooting from January 2021.  Photo courtesy - @Iamsrk / Instagram

Shah Rukh Khan has won the hearts of people not only in India, but in every corner of the globe. Everyone’s favorite Shah Rukh Khan acted in such a way that he had to stay in jail. In fact, Shah Rukh Khan said in a conversation with David Letterman that a magazine was published about him in the early days of his career. There were some things that were said in this article which were not tolerable. Shah Rukh Khan came to ask the editor of the magazine about this article. After going there he was told why you are taking so much serial, it is just a joke. Shah Rukh Khan did not like the editor’s statement at all and what was said in the article did not seem to be a joke to Shah Rukh. Such an angry Shah Rukh severely abused the editor of the newspaper and left.

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Shah Rukh said that ‘Then I was shooting one day, some police officers came and they told me very kindly – we have to ask you some questions. After which I reached the jail. Shah Rukh said that ‘the place was very dirty and small. There were also very bad people. Besides, Shah Rukh Khan said that he felt very disrespectful to see himself on the big screen at an early stage. He spoke during ‘Raju Ban Gaya Bhadralok’. Shah Rukh said that I am happy that people liked me very much and gave me love.


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