HBD Malaika: It was not easy for Malaika Arora to break up with Arbaaz Khan, she told the truth herself

Seeing the beauty of the relationship, the two decided to separate.

Malaika Aurora: Happy 4th Birthday: Malaika Aurora rarely talks about her personal life, but in previous interviews she has talked about her and Arbaaz Khan’s relationship and situation.

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Mumbai Bollywood actress Malaika Aurora is celebrating her 47th birthday today. Malaika, one of the fittest days in the industry, is in the news for her personal life. The love story of Malaika and actor-director Arbaaz Khan was no less than the story of any movie, but the way it ended surprised everyone. It was not easy for Malaika and Arbaaz to break up their nearly 19-year marriage, Malaika herself expressed the pain of their relationship.

Malaika Aurora is one of the few personalities who is in the discussion about her fitness, but she is in the headlines more because of her broken relationship than her fitness. Malaika Aurora rarely talked about her personal life, but during previous interviews she talked about her and Arbaaz Khan’s relationship and those situations.

She broke the silence in her situation long after the divorce. “We were both in a situation where everyone was upset because of us,” she told Kareena Kapoor’s radio show Ishq FM. The two of us were affecting our whole lives. I sat with the family for one night before I got divorced and I talked … I asked myself do I want a 100% divorce? Then I decided.

Malaika further said that this decision has never been easy for me. It wasn’t a simple decision, which I could take a pinch of. Complaints are equated at some point in such decisions and partners point fingers at each other. Every ordinary person does it. It was a more important decision for someone like me because happiness is the most important thing for me. Arbaaz and I talked a lot before making this decision and then separated.

When Malaika was asked how she handles all things after divorce and how she shares her relationship with Arbaaz, she said that I think you take things more seriously when it comes to your relationship when you have children. I wouldn’t say that Arbaaz is my very best friend but yes, we share a good relationship. Our son’s happiness is important in our relationship.


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