Hariharan said – Didi refused to look at the audience during the first level show, later found a reason to say it

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  • Hariharan recalled his memories with Lata Mangeshkar on his birthday, saying Didi refused to look at the audience during the first stage show, later finding out the reason for this.

Umesh Upadhyay, Mumbai25 days ago

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On the 92nd birthday of Swara Kokila Lata Mangeshkar, famous singer Hariharan congratulated her and shared her experience of working with Daily Bhaskar. He said he gave me a special lesson when I was singing with him on a stage show for the first time.

Hariharan said, ‘Happy birthday to Didi. I pray that they will be healthy and happy. Before singing in the film, he has done very big shows in Bengali, London, etc. Then he sang with him in Lamhe, Satya etc. He used to program in his father’s name once a year. I acted for three to four years. He also gave prizes in his father’s name. It is a privilege for me that he first gave this award to a living musician.

Didi forbade the audience to watch

‘I was doing a show with him in East Bengal for the first time. The song was ‘Yeh Raat Vigi Vegi …’ Before going on stage, he said that if Hari sings for the first time, don’t look and don’t look at the audience. Now someone says that if you don’t look, you’re excited for the same thing.

‘I didn’t listen to the denial’

He sang very well when he first sang. He hinted that it was too beautiful. But as soon as the music started playing I kept an eye out for the audience. More than a million people were sitting there. When I saw many people together for the first time, my attention was diverted for a few moments. Then as soon as the bowel starts I start to make mistakes.

‘She was laughing at my mistake’

‘Well, only the audience didn’t know about the mistake. But when he looked at Didi after 2 minutes, he was smiling why you looked at the audience. We can learn a lot by observing these.

‘She doesn’t come to the mic until she misses the song’

He didn’t come in front of Mike until he remembered Didi’s song. I never remember coming in front of Mike. After rehearsing two or three times, he sang the same song each time. After two or three rehearsals, it seemed that the light of the song came. ‘

‘Didi Carrom played very well’

Didi played carom board very well. Very good carom board player. I played carom once or twice at his house. Their style of playing carom board is different. Sharp. He also had a different idea of ​​sports, he thought completely differently.

Lata Mangeshkar was born on 26 September 1929 in the house of Pandit Dinnath Mangeshkar in Indore. He is the eldest of five siblings. Bollywood musician Udit Narayan shared his experience of working with Daily Bhaskar to congratulate Lata Didi on her birthday on this special occasion. He said that singing with Lata Didi is the biggest reward of my life.

(As Hariharan told Umesh Kumar Upadhyay)


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