#HappyBirthdayPravas: Prabhas’ picture shown at the Royal Albert Hall, people affectionately call it ‘Darling’

New Delhi: Today is the happy birthday of Bahubali superstar Prabhas of Southern cinema. Born on October 23, Prabhas turned 41 today. He was born in 1979 in Chennai. Very few people know Prabhas’ full name. His name is Prabhas Raju Utpalpati. There are many names of Prabhas in the southern industry, some call her Darling and some call her Young Rebel Star. So #HappyBirthdayDearling is trending on Twitter with #HappyBirthdayDepress Today on his special day he knows many hearsay stories related to him.

Such false names
First, we know how Prabhas got his name Darling. Prabhas made his Telugu film debut in 2002 with God. Then, in 2005, Prabhas appeared in Chhatrapati. It is directed by SS Rajamouli, director of Bahubali. The film set a record of running 100 days in the theaters of 54 centers. He got this nickname after Prabhas’ romantic comedy film Darling in 2010. In 2012, Prabhas appeared in the action film Rebellion directed by Raghel Lawrence, after which he was also known as Rebel Star.

Prabhas is married to Anushka Sethi
Prabhas’ personal life is also going on a lot. His name is associated with Bahubali’s co-star Anushka Sethi. Anushka has also worked with him in Billa. The marriage of these two artists has also been discussed many times. However, Prabhas has made it clear that Anushka is just his best friend.

Life changes from arm strength
In 2015, when Bahubali: The Beginning was published, the name of Prabhas was discussed all over the country. Before coming to Bahubali, he had done many films in Telugu cinema but for the audience involved in Hindi cinema, he was only a South Indian actor. Bahubali – The Beginning, built under the direction of SS Rajamouli, introduces Prabhas to every home. The Hindi version of the film has set a record by grossing over Rs 100 crore. Never before has a dub film collected so much at the box office. Bahubali became a life-changing film for Prabhas.

Pictures of Prabhas are shown at the Royal Albert Hall
Bahubali – The Beginning saw a sequel in 2017. The name of this sequel is Bahubali 2- Conclusion (Bahubali 2: Conclusion). This film has achieved a bumper. The Hindi dubbed version has collected over 500 crores. Recently, a picture of Bahubali – The Beginning was also displayed at the iconic Royal Albert Hall in London. This was the first time a non-English film was published in 148 years.

Prabhas family
The actor’s father’s name is Suryanarayana and mother’s name is Shiv Kumari. Prabhas is the youngest of the Chatin siblings. Prabhas’ father is a producer in the Telugu film world. Prabhas’ uncle Krishna Raju Utpalpati has become an actor and producer. At the same time his uncle was also a minister in the Atal Bihari government.

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