Happy Birthday Mohit Chauhan: Why was Mohit Chauhan scared by AR Rahman’s rebuke?

It was the 90s. The era of Indippop began in earnest. Indipop became a good industry. At that time an album was released in 1998. His videos attracted people before he sang on the album. A yellow semi-submerged car floating between the blue and blue water in the blue transparent glowing sky and a singer holding a guitar on the roof of that car. He was the singer- Mohit Chauhan. The album was – Bonde and the song was – ‘Duba Duba Rahat Hun Ankhen Meng Teri. The name of this band was – Silk Route. Apart from Mohit Chauhan, Atul Mittal, Kim Trivedi and Kenny Puri were also on the Silk Route. Kim and Kenny also studied with Mohit Chauhan. Apparently, the friends had good chemistry. This album is vibrating. There was novelty in Mohit Chauhan’s voice. ‘Bonde’ became popular on the 1998 music charts. ‘Dua dua dboat hun ankhe meng tere’ will be the first song to be played. Two years later, the band produced another album after which the band and Mohit Chauhan parted ways. Even before this album, Mohit Chauhan made a lot of jolts. The documentaries composed the music for the films. After five years of doing this small assignment, the ‘Bond’ album was ready. Which did not last long.

A. R-Rahman-2

After that Mohit Chauhan’s next floor was Mumbai. He also took part in a few reality shows there. And A Rehman was a judge in such a reality show. AR Rahman likes Mohit Chauhan’s voice. Interestingly, Mohit Chauhan sang in the film even before he took part in the reality show. However, those songs did not have the success that enabled Bollywood to identify the real talent of Mohit Chauhan. Meanwhile, Mohit Chauhan met AR Rahman at an awards function. AR Rahman talks to him a bit about the Silk Route band. By then AR Rahman’s stature had grown so large that everyone knew that their level of work was different. Coincidentally, the same RA Rahman Rahman was the one to brighten the fortunes of Mohit Chauhan. In 2006, Rakesh Omprakash Mehra was producing ‘Rang De Basanti’. The film had music by AR Rahman. AR Rahman gave a break to Mohit Chauhan. The song was ‘Khun Chala’. Mohit Chauhan sang the only song in this film but this song changed his destiny. The story of the recording of this song is also very interesting. Mohit Chauhan was quite ‘nervous’ before the recording. She was worried about whether she would be able to sing this song. It should not be that AR Rahman should be reprimanded.

This fear was overcome when he found out that Prasoon Joshi had written this song. Prasoon Joshi and Mohit Chauhan already knew. Prasun also did some work for the Silk Route band. Thus, Mohit Chauhan came out of the unwanted ‘nervousness’ and sang a song. The following year, Mohit Chauhan sang Job We Met’s super hit song ‘Tum Se Din Din Hota Hai’. The music of this song is directed by Pritam. The song has completely opened the doors of the film industry for Mohit Chauhan. The truth is that once the music director worked with Mohit Chauhan, he became one of his favorites. Imtiaz Ali and Pritam waited for Mohit Chauhan for more than a month for the recording of this song. When Imtiaz Ali made Rockstar a few years later, he sang almost all the songs in Mohit Chauhan’s film. Few examples like this can be found in today’s era when the same singer sang almost all the songs of the film. Mohit Chauhan has received all the major awards from the Filmfare Awards for Rockstar.

APJabadul Kalam

Apart from singing playback, Mohit Chauhan has done another beautiful job. He has written poems by former President APJ Abdul Kalam. His wife also made a great contribution to this great idea. It so happened that once on a channel they had to recite patriotic songs. Mohit thought that when his wife gave him that poem of Kalam Sahib, he should prepare a new song or sing an old one. Mohit Chauhan composed that poem. He later met the President and had the opportunity to recite those songs. Mr. Kalam was also very happy with this test. Eventually he gifted her five more poems that composed and composed the album. As of today, Mohit Chauhan is a big name in playback songs. You may be surprised to learn that he did not take any traditional training in music. Just sing from the heart. He wanted to be an actor. I also tried to apply to FTII, but the answer came from there that they have no acting course. So the painter, actor Mohit Chauhan became a singer. Today, geology students have gained the love of millions of fans from the geology of music.


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