Happy Birthday Govinda: Govinda – Sunita kept secret for 4 years due to bad career, had to take seven points again after 18 years

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  • Happy Birthday Govinda: The secret of Govinda Sunita’s marriage for 4 years due to bad career had to be remarried after 18 years

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6 hours ago

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Govinda, one of the best entertainers in the Bollywood industry, has turned 57 today. Govinda has achieved success in playing dance moves and other styles and has driven everyone crazy. Govind’s uncle Anand Singh was a co-director and artist who introduced Govind to his film Tan-Badan.

After a while, Govinda Anand’s sister Sunita fell in love with Munjal and secretly got married. Although many people in the industry remain in the discussion because of the two industries, Govinda is the only actor who remarried to his own wife in full style after 18 years of marriage. Let’s find out what is the reason for this marriage-

In 2013, Govinda remarried his wife Sunita. This is what the actor himself said during the interview during your court. Govinda’s mother Nirmala Devi wants to remarry him at the age of 49. Govinda did exactly his job to fulfill his mother’s wish. On 11 December 2015, he remarried his wife Sunita Munjal. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities, including Tina Ahuja and Yash Vardhan.

How was Sunita – Govinda love story

Sunita was the son-in-law of Govinda’s uncle Anand Singh. The two gave each other heart after a few meetings. One day while returning from the party, Govinda’s hand accidentally touched Sunita’s hand, but the two did not move their hands and thus both of them agreed to love each other. Govinda and Sunita got married on December 11, 1987 after a short relationship.

They were secretly married for 4 years

By the time Govinda and Sunita were married, the actor’s career was not stable, so they were both married but kept the matter a secret from the whole world. Later, when Govinda told everyone about his marriage, everyone was surprised.

His political career could not go on

Govinda, who has a great reputation in Bollywood, joined the Congress party in 2004 and won by a good margin. Govinda, who is on the path of politics, also wanted to focus on his acting life. At that time, his partner’s picture was released. However, the actor was not able to build a good relationship and in the end he resigned from the team. After a short break, the actor also tried to return to the industry, but then he started getting side roles instead of preferred roles.

The actor has given great hits like Hero No. 1, Coolie No. 1, Akhian Se Galli and Raja Babu in his career for 34 years. The actor is known as Hero No. 1 and Chichi in the industry.


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