Happy Birthday Bappi Da: On the day of the fight, Bappi Lahiri was inspired by American pop star Elvis Presley to wear gold, considering gold as a luxury for him.

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  • Happy Birthday Bappi Da: Bappi Lahiri feels lucky to have gold for herself, inspired by American rock star Elvis Presley’s days of fighting

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13 minutes ago

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Legendary singer Bappi Da is celebrating his 68th birthday on November 27. In addition to his voice, Bappi Da, who has made discos all over India with the best songs in India, made a name for himself by wearing heavy gold jewelery. Some people believe that Bappi Da is always seen in gold jewelery, the real reason is something else.

Inspired by Elvis Presley in the days of Struggle

The reason Bappi Da wore thick jewelry on her wrists, fingers and neck in an old interview was because Bappi was a big fan of American rock star Elvis Presley. Elvis wore gold chains during her performances. At this time, Bappi was inspired to see Da Elvis that if he succeeds he will create a different image of himself. With this, Singer said that he considers gold lucky for himself.

Bappi Lahiri has so much gold and silver

Disco dancer singer Bappi Da filed a petition in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Singer gave details of his total assets and gold and silver at the time of nomination. He said that he has a total of 7552 grams of gold and 4.2 kg of silver. This description he gave 6 years ago is probably still growing.

Bappi Da’s gold and silver are worth Rs 40 lakh

In 2014, he filed a claim in the Lok Sabha elections and during this time he provided information about his assets. According to his affidavit given during the election, Bappi Lahiri has 7554 grams of gold and 4,622 kg of silver. But now it may change. At present the price of gold is 50 thousand 5050 rupees, according to which Bappi Da’s gold and silver is about 40 lakh rupees.

His wife Chitrani has more gold than Bappi Da

Like Bappi, his wife Chitrani Lahiri is also fond of gold and diamonds. In 2014, he claimed that he had 967 grams of gold, 8.9 kg of silver and a diamond worth Rs 4 lakh compared to Bappi Da. Speaking of total assets, Bappi Da owns assets worth Rs 20 crore.


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