Happy B’D Mallika: Find out why Mallika Sherawat changed her name before coming to the film corridor.

New Delhi: Brave Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat is celebrating her 44th birthday on October 24. Mallika Sherawat was born on this day in 1972 in Haryana. Mallika was the acting worm. So he leaned towards Bollywood. Currently, Mallika is missing from film corridors nowadays, but she has shared many pictures on her Instagram handle. Nowadays he is enjoying his life. In addition, she is taking great care of her health and fitness. He recently gave a virtual interview to comedian Zakir Khan to stand up.

Mallika’s real name is Rima Lamba
When Mallika decided to come to Bollywood, she did not even remember her real name. He felt that he had to change his name if he had to walk into the movie. So he changed his name from Malla Sherawat to Rima Lamba.

Mallika’s film career started in 2002
Mallika started her career with some advertisements. After that, Mallika got a chance in the 2002 film ‘Gina Kehil Mere Liye’. He appeared in a small role in this film. Then, in 2004, Mallika got a chance to act as the lead actress in the film ‘Murder’. In this film, Mallika did a lot of hot scenes with Imran Hashmi which is still a topic of discussion among the people.

Mallika’s personal life is in the headlines
Mallika is also in the headlines for her personal life. According to reports, Mallika Sherawat was dating businessman Cyril Oxenfens. Mallika and her French boyfriend were evicted from an apartment in Paris three years ago, the report said. The reason behind this was that Mallika and her boyfriend did not pay the rent.

There was controversy over the film
Malika Sherwat’s performance in the film was controversial. It is said that after this dispute, he got his real identity from Desire. In this film he has given 17 kissing scenes. In this film he was seen buying a condom for the protagonist, after which there was a lot of controversy. In the midst of the controversy, a statement came out that shocked everyone. She said in her statement that if every girl in India had done it, the population would not have increased so much.

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