Hamid Trailer Out: Hamid called Allah, the movie will be released on March 15, watch the trailer

Bollywood has started talking about children again. Where recently the trailer of the movie ‘Hamid’ was launched. The story of this film is based on a unique relationship between an eight-year-old child and a CRPF jawan. Watch the special trailer of this movie

The film is set to release on March 15. Where this film is directed by Aijaz Khan. On Tuesday, Aijaz Khan said that “the country was going through sorrow and unrest and we wanted to unite with the people of our country.” ‘Hamid’ is about peace, love and most importantly understanding each other’s suffering. We hope that the film helps to spread the important message of love at such a time.

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In this photo, Hamid lives in Kashmir with his parents, but one day his father suddenly disappeared. His mother was shocked and suddenly his life changed. Meanwhile, Hamid finds that 78৮6 is the number of Allah. The innocent child gets such a number and he calls this number. As soon as he called, Hamid asked if this was the number of Allah and the voice came from the other side that you called Allah or is it His number? They form a relationship with CRPF jawan Hamid by saying Allah.


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