Hamara Cholia Ami: The Bravest Bhojpuri Song in Nirhua and Amrapali Dubey, the video was watched by 11 crore people

Bhojpuri Song by Niharua and Amrapali Dubey (Photo Grab-6 Nirhua Music World / YouTube Video)

Bhojpuri songs Nirhua and Amrapali Dubey (Bhojpuri songs) are seen trending on social media.

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Mumbai Whenever the famous Amrapali Dubey (Amrapali Dubey) and industry superstar Dinesh Lal Yadav ‘Nirhua’ (Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirhua) come together on screen in the name of the queen of Bhojpuri cinema, they explode in such a way that people go away when they see them. Both of them did something similar a year ago with a wonderful Bhojpuri song, which can be seen trending on social media today. A Bhojpuri song of this couple is going very viral nowadays. Among them Amrapali Dubey and Dinesh Lal Yadav are watching Nirhua’s romantic style.

Every song and every picture of this pair is loved by their fans. A pair of two Bhojpuri The movie has so many hits that they have been seen together in dozens of films and hundreds of songs. At the same time, the list of these two superhit films includes ‘Nirhua Hindustani’ … so all the songs in this film have been hits. However, its song ‘Hamra Cholia Ami’ is getting more love from the audience. In addition to the dances played by Nirhua and Amrapali in this song, people are also enjoying their romance very much. Watch the video of this song here-


The song has been viewed 110,508,799 times so far. That means it has been viewed more than 11 million times. In this song, Nirhua and Amrapali Dubey also gave a very brave scene. In such a situation, if you sing the brave song of this couple, it will not be wrong. The dance and romance of these two in the song is making people happy. Amrapali Dubey and Niharua are one of the most famous couple in Bhojpuri cinema. Every song of this duo is a super-duper hit.


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