Gul Pang shocked people by pushing on the sari, much applause, the video went viral

This video of Gul Panag is going very viral.

Gul Panag shared this video and wrote, ‘Anytime, anywhere’. With this he wrote Set Life, Actor Life, Reels, Reel Feel It, Reel Feel Feel with the hashtag.

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Mumbai Bollywood and television actress Gul Pang is quite active on social media. He is one of the best actors in Bollywood. She is very conscious about her health and also exercises every day for it. She has shared lots of videos and pictures of her workout on social media, but a video of Gul Pang is being discussed these days, where she is seen doing pushups in a sari. People are shocked to see push-ups in their sarees and are praising this feat on social media.

Celebrities do a few hours of workout to keep themselves fit. Actress Gul Panag is one of them. Gul Panag recently shared a video to show her doing push ups. Where do you think push ups are harder to do? Gul, however, did not wear a sari in the gym and did push-ups, which surprised people. Fans have loved this video. It has been viewed millions of times so far.

Gul Panag shared this video and wrote, ‘Anytime, anywhere’. With it he has written Set Life, Actor Life, Reels, Reel It Fill It, Reel Someone Fill It with hashtags. The song ‘Eye of Tiger’ from ‘Surviving Band’ is playing in the background of the push ups video.

Gul Panag has shared many such videos before. Breaking different stereotypes is Gul’s favorite job. He always surprises his fans. Through this video she has also tried to convey that a workout can be done to keep yourself fit in any outfit.

If you finish the job, Gul was last seen in the web series The Family Mane. I liked his work in that series. The actress has also acted in films like Juram, Door, Dhup, Manorama.


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