Google announces Bigg Boss 14 winners ahead of finals, listeners surprised by name

New Delhi Reality show Bigg Boss 14 (Big Boss 14) There are only a few days left in the final. Salman Khan on the showSalman KhanFavorite Contestant Drama Queen Rakhi Sawant ()Rakhi Sawant) But the audience is probably Rahul Vaidya (Rahul Vaidya) And Fancy Shukla (Fancy Shukla) The game is love. In such a situation, the viewers have started speculating about the winner of Bigg Boss Season 14. If anyone thinks that Rahul Vaidya will win the show this time, then someone wants to see Abhinav as the winner. However, Google (Google) Bigg Boss announced 14 winners before the final.

Google calls the ‘small lot’ the winner

Three weeks before the final, Google announced the winner of Bigg Boss 14. Google’s Bigg Boss 14 winners named Rubina Dilac (Rubina Dilaik) The name is coming. The show’s viewers are surprised that most people want to see Rahul Vaidya and Abhinav Shukla as the winners, and Google has named Rubina as the winner.

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Who will be the winner in the final

According to viewers, Rahul Vaidya is one of the strongest contenders this season. The audience liked his game very much. At the same time, Abhinav is quite mature, but he is also seen talking a lot about Rakhi in the middle. Although considered a mastermind, Bikash Gupta has been dropped from the show. In such a situation, the winner of the show will now be named after Rahul, Abhinayan and Rubina.

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The upcoming weekend of the show will see extraordinary competition among the battle contestants. Everyone is trying to go to the end to win the Big Boss Trophy. But it’s interesting that Google has already revealed the winner of the show to outsiders. However, the truth of how much Google is talking will be known only in the final.

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