Gon Kesh: Shweta Tripathi to play Ganji woman in ‘Gon-Kesh’

Actress Shweta Tripathi Sharma has achieved success through her films in a very short time. After her amazing character in Mirzapur, Shweta is now ready to play the role of another unusual girl in her upcoming film ‘Gon Kesh’.

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Shweta Tripathi will play the role of a girl who is suffering from a disease called alopecia. In this disease, all the hair falls from the person’s head. The actress read many books to add life to the character, as well as searching social media accounts for alopecia patients. To research his role, he collaborated with alopecia patients to find out their well-being and personally contacted them to understand their condition.

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Speaking about the bold move to play the role of Ganji on the big screen and Shweta, she said, “I knew that the film written by Qasim had to be put on the screen. The story is very sensitive. Hair loss and baldness really give people confidence. Haircuts and ridicule of people, especially for women, are hard to accept. I feel that with this film we have lightened it up a bit and made sure the messages came out because. Bald Sundari “Shweta’s picture will be released on March 29.


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