Gogi threatened to kill in ‘Taraq Mehta Ka Olta: Chashma’ serial, case filed at Borivali Police Station

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  • Tarak Mehta Ka Olta: Gogi Aka Samay Shah of Chashmahar Shah lodged a complaint with the police after being attacked by an unknown gang.

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At the age of 18, Shah played the role of ‘Gogi’ in the comedy serial ‘Taraq Mehta Ka Olta: Chashma’.

  • Police have filed a case based on the actor’s allegations and have started trying to arrest the accused.
  • At the time, Shah’s relatives were also scared of his life, and they wanted action to be taken soon.

Shah, who plays comedian Mehta Ka Olta Chashma Gogi, has filed a case against some boys at Mumbai’s Borivali police station for allegedly reprimanding them.

The actor has lodged a complaint with the police alleging that while returning from shooting a few days ago, some boys from outside his community stopped him and threatened to kill him with obscene language. Time informed the matter by calling the local police station from the spot. The boys fled the scene as soon as police arrived. On the way he threatened to ‘see you’.

CCTV accused
Time has complained that since this incident various individuals have been constantly coming out of their society and inquiring about them. This case has time to avoid any untoward incident. They may not recognize the bully at the time, but their pictures were captured on CCTV cameras. Police are continuing their investigation based on this video footage.

Over time, the loud noises of people passing through the first floor and below their home can be easily heard. Three times in the last 15 days he has heard some boys standing under his house abusing them.

Family members are also afraid
Samay’s mother Neema Shah said, “The time has come from the private cab as the driver of the time was not here due to the corona. The police have lodged a complaint against the unidentified person and the next time this happens they ask the police to call immediately.”


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