‘Gogi’ has threatened to kill, made an FIR

New Delhi: Samay Shah has been threatened to kill Gogi meaning ‘Taraq Mehta Ka Olta: Chashmah’. Samay Shah said that on October 27, he was threatened by a man in Mugglewar, after which he lodged a complaint with Borivali police station.

Strangers abuse time
Samay Shah said that this was not the first time he had been treated like this. The incident took place near his house in Borivali. In an exclusive interview with DNA, the actor publicly said that the man had been seen around the house twice before.

Time threatened to kill
During the conversation, Shah said the stranger came out of the house of many of his associates on Tuesday. He constantly threatened to torture and kill her. He further explained that this is the third time this has happened to him. A stranger came to her apartment and started asking people about her. A stranger with the guard also questioned about the time.

The incident of returning from shooting
With that the time said that they finished shooting and as soon as they reached their house that unknown person started abusing them. Threatening time, the man said, ‘I’ll bite, I’ll show you what I want to see’. Time says he has no fight with anyone. They are completely unaware of this
Time shared a photo on her Instagram and wrote that she is sharing this information for her fans and her fans. With this they have shared all the information.

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