Goa government informs Dharma Productions for littering in Merul village – Karan Johar apologizes and fines

13 minutes ago

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The Goa government is angry at Dharma Productions for spreading PPE kits and garbage on Goa beaches. West Management Minister Michael Labo has said that Karan Johar, the owner of Dharma Productions, or the director should apologize first. If they do not, they will be fined.

Lobo said that the people of Goa should apologize for doing something that Dharma Productions should do. Write it was a mistake and accept it. If they do not, Dharma Productions will be fined by Goa Waste Management.

Kangana raised the issue of littering on Twitter
Kangana Ranaut raised the issue on Twitter, saying that spreading garbage in the middle in this way would harm the environment. In the tweet, Dilip Borkar, the hired producer of Dharma Productions, said that the actress, who won the national award, did not know the reality of the land. Kangana knows nothing about what happened there. He is looting the name of Goa and it is wrong.
Borker said it was an attempt to discredit us. I don’t know what is being done for this. It may be that the production of Dharma is included in it and the name of Karan Johar is added to it, so it is being done.

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