Get ready for ‘Badhai Ho-2’, this time these actors will make a place in the place of Ayushman Khurana

Today marks the second anniversary of the blockbuster film ‘Badhai Ho’.

As the blockbuster film ‘Badhai Ho’ turns two years old today, Jangi Pictures announced the second part of the film, titled ‘Badhai Do’ and the film was led by Bhumi Pednekar with Prince Rao. The rolls are almost visible.

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New Delhi. Bollywood actors Ayushman Khurana As the blockbuster film ‘Badhai Ho’ turns two years old today, Jangi Pictures has announced the second part of the film, titled ‘Badhai Do’ and starring Pednekar in the lead role opposite Prince Rao. It is expected that this will be his second film, including Jungle, after Prince’s successful film Berili Ki Barfi.

Prince’s character will be like this
The latest pairing of Prince Rao and Bhumi Pednekar will be seen in a brand new incarnation in the film. It is written by Sumon Adhikari and ‘Badhai Ho’ author Akshat Ghadial, which you will definitely want to see again. In this film, Rajkumar plays a Delhi policeman who is the only male police officer in a female police station, while Bhumi is playing a completely different role, which Bhumi has never played before. Someone in Bollywood has played a character who is the character of a school PT teacher Prince Rao has played a police character in the movie ‘Talash’ before and we will see him repeating this avatar once again.

In this film, Bhumi Pednekar will be seen playing the lead role with Prince Rao.

What does Prince Rao say?
Speaking of which, ‘Badhai Ho’ has grossed over Rs 100 crore at the box office. Prince Rao, who will be seen in a completely different incarnation in this film, said, ‘I am glad that things are moving forward fast and life has started again. ‘Badhai Do’ is a special film for me. I am happy to play this character, who has his own fighting level. Surprise for viewers, which will unfold over time. I’m glad to be able to reconnect with the audience on the special occasion of ‘Badhai Ho’, that picture was so much fun and it was one of my favorite pictures. “

Bhumi is very happy with her ‘Badhai Do’ character
On this occasion Bhoomi Pednekar said, ‘I have played a variety of characters in my previous film, but my character in Badhai Do is really special. I have liked the screenplay since the first narration of the story, because the theme is very relevant and very entertaining, since I am working with this first prince, so I am very excited because we will start our shooting soon. ‘Badhai Ho’ is one of my favorite pictures and I am very happy to follow this franchise.


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