Genelia Deshmukh had to hear people about her career before marriage, revealed herself

Ritesh Deshmukh, Genelia Deshmukh (Photo Credit – @Genelid / Instagram)

Genelia Deshmukh revealed that she made a big decision about her career during her marriage to Ite Tish Deshmukh. At the same time, he is now ready for a band-up comeback.

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  • Latest version:November 27, 2020, 4:43 am IST

Mumbai Well known actress Genelia Deshmukh, although she is no longer seen on screen, people still remember her characters in Bollywood films. She is rarely seen on camera after her marriage to actor Ite Tish Deshmukh. However, he must have appeared in some films in camouflage. At the same time, Genelia is going to return to acting with ‘It’s My Life’. Speaking about the project, Genelia shared things related to her personal life in a recent interview. She explained how she had to make a big decision about her career during the marriage.

Genelia After spending a lot of time with his family, he is now ready to work. In a conversation with Pinkvilla, he said- ‘Before I had to do a lot of work, people didn’t show me too much in Hindi cinema, but in Southern cinema. I really worked for 365 days and I thought I should take a break. ‘ “His family was his priority and then he had to look after the children,” she said. Genelia said that when she was about to get married, people told her that her career would end, but that did not stop her.

Genelia said- ‘When I was getting married, people used to say to me- Oh you are getting married, his career ends for a girl. I listened to it all and decided that no one could stop me from getting married because I wanted to get married. ‘


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