#Gaza Celebrations: Gawhar Khan-Zayed Darbar Wedding Ceremony Begins, Pictures of Chiksa Ceremony on First Day Published

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The wedding ceremony of Zayed Darbar, son of Bigg Boss Gauhar Khan and musician Ismail Darbar has started. Zayed and Gauhar named their marriage Gaza (Gaza). He also shared a photo of the first ceremony of his wedding on social media. On the first day, the couple had a Chikka ceremony, about which Gauhar and Zayed informed the fans with the same caption.

The marriage will take place on December 25
Gauhar and Zayed shared a picture of the couple and wrote in the caption – My half when you meet half and a butter becomes half. Our most beautiful moment. Alhamdulillah. The first day of the Gaza celebrations, Chikasao. Significantly, the age gap between Gawhar and Zaid is 11 years. The two went on a mini-holiday to Dubai after their affair was made official.

Gauhar and Zayed will get married in Mumbai
The couple is getting married at the ITC Maratha Luxury Hotel in Mumbai. The previous wedding was shot at the Jadavgarh Hotel in Pune. Only close relatives and friends of Gauhar and Zaid’s family will be able to attend the wedding. Guests have been cut short by the Corona epidemic.


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