Funny story of the nineties: When Sunny Deol steals Chunky Pandey’s foreign cigarettes and distributes them on the plane, Chunky gets angry

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2 minutes ago

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According to Chunki Pandey, once Sunny Deol stole his foreign cigarettes and distributed them on the flight, after which he got angry. Pandey shared this funny story in an interview. According to him, he was returning to Mumbai from Nairobi when he finished shooting for Rajiv Roy’s ‘Bishwatma’ (1992).

At first Sunny distributed cigarettes on his behalf

In an interview with the Times of India, Chunky Pandey said: I bought lots of cigarettes from Nairobi. I sat on the flight and fell asleep. Suddenly someone woke me up and said that Sunny was distributing cigarettes on the flight. Since Sunny doesn’t smoke, I thought I should get my share despite having lots of cigarettes in my bag.

When the plane landed on the runway I realized that Sunny had distributed my cigarettes among the passengers. I got angry. Then Sunny came to me and said – ‘You must be kind. You should always share. ‘Shortly after that I parked outside the plane to retrieve my cigarettes from the passengers.

At age 22, Chunky sold his car on the bench

Chunky said in an interview last month that when he was 22, he had no bank balance. They say- I sold my fancy car for money and worked as a model for various brands. Until then, I did not become an actor.

My bank balance was also below zero. He was always in debt and borrowed money. I would go to Bollywood parties without being invited, so that I could get free food, alcohol and look for people who could cast me.

Bangladeshis went to the cinema upset

Chunky was included in the list of top actors in Bollywood in the late 80s and early 90s. However, after giving hit films like ‘Tejab’, ‘Aag Hai Aag’ and ‘Aankhen’, he stopped working in the industry and was forced to stay at home. But during this time he leaned towards Bangladeshi films and became a superstar there.

He said in an interview- I sat at home for a year after the eyes. My only picture was ‘Third Kaun’. So I got the opportunity to work in Bangladesh and left. And my first film there was a superhit, then I worked there for three or four years.
After marriage my wife (thought) said that my real identity is Bollywood. When I came back to Hindi cinema, I found out that people had completely forgotten me. I started the struggle. Start meeting people and asking for work. Luckily I got the job again.
Chunki returned to Hindi cinema in 1997, but his second innings success began in 2010 with Housefull. Pandey said, “I could never look back. I believe the actor should be shameless. I am like that.”


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