From the poem of the Nobel laureate, Sutapa expressed the grief of the widow, wrote: Every day the widow becomes an orphan, holding hands and thinking about their future in the graveyard.

12 days ago

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Five more months have passed since Irfan’s death. His son Babil continues to share his father’s memories on social media. Now Irfan’s wife Sutapa Sikder has posted a very emotional post on Facebook. It is a poem by Nobel Prize-winning author Louis Glax. It mentions the suffering and state of mind of a widow.

The poem that Sutapa wrote is something like this-

I’ll tell you something: people are dying every day and it’s just the beginning. Every day new widows, new orphans are born in the crematorium, they sit with folded hands and try to decide about this new life.

They then took place in the cemetery, some of them there for the first time. They are afraid to cry, they can never cry. Someone supports them to tell them what to do next, which sometimes means saying a few words and then throwing mud in an open grave.

And then the house full of spectators returns empty-handed, the widow sits on the sofa, people line up, sometimes holding her hand, sometimes hugging. He finds everyone saying something, thanking them, thanking them for coming

He has something in his mind, he wants to give it up. He wanted to return to the cemetery, came home to the hospital with an illness. He knows this is not possible. But this is his only hope, the desire to go back. And not just a little bit, not before the wedding, before

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