Four months ago the daughter of the temple altar came to her house, shared a picture of a family and they introduced Tara

New Delhi: Actress Mandira Bedi, who is famous for her ‘appearance’, is discussing her look. He also took special care of his fitness. Now the temples are under discussion again, but this time he is discussing something other than his own fitness. You want to know that thing, in fact Mandira and her husband Raj Kaushal have adopted a 4 year old daughter. The couple adopted the girl on July 28, 2020 but Mandira has now shared her picture on social media.

They are the name of the baby girl of the temple
Mandira and Raj have been in the process of adopting the girl for a long time, which ended this year. They are the name of the baby girl of the temple. Mandira and Raj Kaushal have a son, who looks similar to Mandira. Mandira shared photos of the family and wrote, ‘Our little girl they came as a blessing from the picture above us. The four-year-old star has a twinkle in his eye. She is the sister of the hero. We extend our hand to welcome them into our family with love.

Temples shared a family photo
He added that he became part of the family on July 26, 2020 and they will be known as Bedi Kaushal. In the picture, Raj Kaushal, son Bir and daughter Tara are seen with the temple. As soon as this picture was shared, people started commenting and everyone was congratulating the temple.

The temples were last seen in the film ‘Saho’
Tell you what, Mandira started her career with the television show Shanti. He was also seen with Shah Rukh Khan and Kajal in ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’. He liked both the characters very much. The temple is also involved in cricket. The temple was last seen in the movie Saho.

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