For these celebrities came the danger of corona, someone had to sell vegetables due to unemployment and someone sought financial help through social media

21 days ago

Rambriksh Gaur, assistant director of Balika Badhur, is selling vegetables in Azamgarh. At the same time, Dream Girl actor Solanki Divakar is selling fruits in Delhi.

The world economy has collapsed due to the corona virus epidemic. People have lost their jobs and it has become difficult to run a household. The epidemic also has a significant impact on the film and TV industries. Shooting of many films and TV shows has come to a standstill, actors have become unemployed. It has become difficult for them to make a living. Because of this, some have been forced to sell vegetables, while others are living on social assistance rather than financial assistance.

Rambraksh Gaur

Rambraksh Gaur, who has been an assistant director in many TV shows, is now selling vegetables in Azamgarh as he is not working. But now they have stopped this work. According to Ram, now he has got a job in a Bhojpuri film, where he will be an assistant director.

He recently said, ‘In the last 18 years I have done a lot of TV shows and movies, from which I have also made a lot of money. However, for the last 3 years my health has been going very bad which is why I couldn’t do too much work. During this time all my savings were spent on treatment.

‘Somehow the work is going on but my financial situation has deteriorated drastically in the lockdown. To add some money again I started the old business of selling vegetables. I didn’t find anything wrong with it. ‘

Solanki Divakar

Dewakar was seen in Ayushman Khurana’s Dreamgirl and Sushant Singh Rajput’s Sonchiraiya. Before the lockdown, Dewakar Sharma was shooting a film called Sharma G with Shi Kapoor, but the shooting of the film stopped and Dibakar had no work left. Under such circumstances, he started selling fruits in Delhi.

Divakar told ANI news agency, “After the lockdown increased, I started having problems paying rent and meeting the needs of my family. So I started selling fruits.

Rajesh Kari

Recently, the video of actor Rajesh Curry, who has acted in TV shows like ‘Begusarai’ and ‘CID’, went viral. In the video, he cries about the financial crisis and cries out for help. Watching this video it went viral on social media and many helped Rajesh financially and brought him relief.

Rajesh said, ‘It seemed the whole country came forward to help me. I sincerely thank all of you. You all helped me more than my status but now I want to say don’t add more money to my account. I received more financial support than expected. But now I have to take care of my own family.

Anklet decking

Actress Nupur Alankar, who has acted in TV serials like Swarajini, Ish Sha Par Ko Ke Naam Naam Dun, Dia Aur Bati Hum, Perer Janam Mohe Betiya Hai Kijo and Lakshmi Kanya of the house, also said that she has overcome the financial crisis in lockdown.

Her friend Renuka Shahana mentioned this in a Facebook post and appealed to the people to help Nupur financially. Renuka said that Nupur does not have enough money to treat her sick mother, then Akshay Kumar came to her aid. Nupur later thanked Akshay for his help.


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