Find out what Ranveer Singh said about banning Pakistani artists

After the tense situation between India and Pakistan, the All India Cinema Workers Association as well as many artists have appealed for banning Pakistani artists and not doing any projects with them. Many artists are also seen to support this appeal. Ranbir Singh’s reaction has now come to the fore.

Ranveer Singh made a statement

Regarding the ban on Pakistani artists, Ranbir Singh said, “There is a section that believes in the idea that arts and sports should not be mixed with these issues. Artists and athletes do not make sacrifices like soldiers and do not face situations like theirs. Arts and sports are a separate field and its boundaries must be maintained separately. However, if the mother of a soldier believes that artists and players should not work together in this situation, everyone should follow it.

Films banned in Pakistan

I tell you, in the midst of the tension, Indian films and content were banned in Pakistan. At the time, there were demands to ban Pakistani artists in India and not to issue visas. Since then, many producers and directors have shown the way to their films to Pakistani artists. One of them is Salman Khan.


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