Finally Kapil Sharma went silent,

Mumbai: Comedian Kapil Sharma has finally responded to the Mahabharata’s ‘Bhishma Pitamah’, Mukesh Khanna. Khana made harsh remarks about ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. He called the show obscene. Kapil Sharma reacted to Bhishma’s comments and said that my entire team works very hard to make people laugh. I want to focus on my work and continue to do so.

Do bad things
Let me tell you that recently the entire cast of Mahabharata arrived at Kapil Sharma’s show, but Mukesh Khanna was absent. When fans asked him the reason, he replied on Instagram, ‘I don’t think of any great show anymore. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however;

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Laughter is more important
Kapil did not immediately respond to Mukesh Khanna’s remarks, but he has now responded. “As the world goes through difficult times, it becomes even more necessary to make people laugh,” he said. It depends on each person, what happiness you want to find and what you lack. I have chosen happiness and I will concentrate on my work ‘. It is learned that Gajendra Chauhan, who played the role of Yudhisthira in the Mahabharata, also criticized Mukesh.

The shooting of the web series is complete
Talking about his controversial work, Kapil Sharma recently finished shooting his web series. It is said that Kapil has taken Rs 20 crore for this, but it has not been officially confirmed yet. After coming out of a bad episode, Kapil Sharma has regained his popularity as before. He had to face many problems after a fight with Sunil Grover alias ‘Gutti’.


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