Father’s claim: Selim Khan-Arbaaz, in defense of Sohail and Nirwan’s son, said the hotel has quarantine near the house

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41 minutes ago

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The FIR was lodged on Monday after Arbaaz Khan, Sohail and Nirban returned from the UAE due to a report of secession. Now Selim Khan has come forward to protect the boys again. Selim claims that all three are separate at the hotel. On 25 December, these members of the returning Khan family reached home directly.

Complained a day ago
The formal quarantine of the actors was arranged at the Taj Grand Hotel in Mumbai. Where they will be quarantined, but these people left the hotel on the morning of the next 26th. BMC then filed a complaint against the three. It was investigated for a week. Police also took statements from the three. Subsequently, a lawsuit was filed for breach of protocol.

Khan Brothers have been charged under sections 188, 269 of the IPC and section 3 of the Epidemic Act. The case has been registered by a BMC medical officer. Later, Mumbai police took action and separated the three of them in a five-star hotel near Bandra’s house.

This law came into effect after the search for new strains into
According to TOI, Selim said he did not know much about the incident, but all three members of the family were at the hotel. According to Maharashtra government rules, all returnees from the UK, UAE and Europe must have an institutional segregation for days. This rule came into effect after Corona’s new strain.


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